New Curtain Projects

Project for Berlin, confidential for 2023

The height of the embroidered elements will be approximately 25 cm.
All three images show the embroidery in the correct size ratio for the curtains.

The dimensions of the curtains in finished, i.e. assembled form are:
Width: 2.30 m.
Height: 2.80 m


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These models can come in standardized sizes and also individually for you, made to measure.


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Long before the first couturier (Charles Frederick Worth 1825-1895) entered the annals of haute couture, there were those whose artwork benefited walls. Although they were not called designers, but wall makers, their works were in no way inferior to those of fashion designers. It was these "wall makers" who, starting from the 11th century in South Asia, acquired a reputation with their hand-painted creations that continues to this day. So it is not surprising that even in modern times wallpapers are chosen to make rooms shine in splendor, glamor and elegance.

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