What types of wallpaper are available for purchase

Looking at the history of wallpaper - which began in Italy in the 14th century, one is hardly surprised by the variety of wallpaper types that are available to us today. If you also take into account that artfully hand-painted Chinese wallpaper in the 16th century, found its way to Europe, even less. For which reasons one may speak not completely unjustly of wallpaper knowledge, one would like to find oneself in the colorful world of the wallpapers. Started with the paper wallpaper, probably the oldest form. If this material was at that time a costly undertaking with patterns and colors made by wood applied to the paper, this is much easier today. But even here, it is worth consulting a professional. Especially if you attach importance to certain quality criteria. The quality of the paper is only one of these criteria. It should be environmentally friendly and breathable. Of noble and luxurious design. Washing resistance distinguishes a high-quality wallpaper as well as the difference between printed or embossed paper. As you can easily see, innovation has entered this not insignificant area as well as many others. For textured wallpaper, but also non-woven wallpaper, two equally popular types of wallpaper, a printing process is used, whereby various manufacturing processes are applied. Here, the structure is created under high pressure and with the help of special embossing rollers on the paper, which thereby receives the particularly attractive surface appearance. Textile wallpapers represent a special feature in the world of wallpapers. Among other things, these are made of silk, velor, linen, imitation leather, jute, satin and seaweed. Depending on which fabric was used for this type of wallpaper, it results in a fine, coarser, pleasantly rough surface and thus an unmistakably warm, elegant structure, which is able to further support a room in its characteristics. Vinyl wallpaper is also a wallpaper made of paper or non-woven. The difference in this type of wallpaper is that on the surface of the plastic PVC is either sprayed or applied by means of lamination. Who is now tempted to think that this type of wallpaper is not quite as decorative as its relatives, may be mistaken. This also undergoes some refinement by means of embossing and foamed structures. Non-woven wallpaper, which is made from the basic materials cellulose and textile fibers, differs from woodchip wallpaper, for example, in that the so-called carrier material is particularly durable and does not change shape when applied. The formulation quality wallpaper provides controversial opinions and disputes. The accents are sometimes placed on exotic properties. One wonders whether a satin wallpaper can be painted over many times? Questions such as - certificates and evidence of high abrasion resistance and wash resistance also occur. Depending on the region and also on the expected humidity in the applicable interior, water resistance can also be seen as a criterion during processing. Liquid fiber, synthetic fiber, wool and other industry specific designations are considered and seen as a decision criterion. Engage a qualified studio or interior design agency early on to rule out complications. Photo wallpaper is still one of the most popular wallpapers. Depending on the space, this wallpaper can be used to project a very special, even personal mood into the room. The depictive elements hardly exclude any possibility. From the mountain photos known since time immemorial to artistically sophisticated motifs, everything can be applied here, which one would like to call his own in large format as a wall decoration. The only prerequisite here is a camera that is capable of producing the necessary number of pixels to ensure a flawless look. At this point, the richness of the wallpaper variety does not end at all. Those who are in the mood for particularly exclusive wallpaper may choose between a silk wallpaper or a linen wallpaper. In colors and patterns that gives every room a touch more elegance and exquisiteness. Or do they feel the desire for warmer materials, such as a cotton wallpaper or a wool wallpaper are capable of giving? A wallpaper that impresses with its three-dimensional effect or has a glossy embossing? Or would you like to add a wallpaper that matches your taste and is in harmony with the characteristics of the adjacent ones? With all this choice, you should make sure that the wallpaper of your choice has a RAL quality mark. The mark that stands for health safety and meets all the quality criteria that should benefit a wallpaper. Of course, it may also be that they do not feel like not always have to deal with the issue of wallpapering and are therefore looking for a paintable wallpaper. Possibly also a suitable. Tasteful wallpaper border is not missing. Perhaps the youngest member of the family also wants a door wallpaper. For what kind of wallpaper they also show interest. We at Prestige Decor, will gladly and thoroughly introduce them to the wonderful world of wallpaper. Advise them in detail, help them choose the materials that are suitable for them and make sure that they fit perfectly into the respective premises.