It is unusual in our industry to answer the question about flat prices.
However, we are often asked:

" What would be the approximate cost of curtains, including fabrication, installation, curtain rods, and all other details?" 
At first, we had always offered a complimentary on-site measuring and consultation to gather reference points for a quote.
However, after 25 years in the home textile and design industry, we feel that it is often not enough. 
To answer the question in the most transparent and all-encompassing way possible, we have created an overview.

As a calculation example, you could imagine a window with the following dimensions.
Width - 1.70 meters
Height - 2.90 meters


We have several hundreds of fabrics in our assortment.
Each fabric is unique in terms of external appearance, composition, functionality and also in terms of price.

In most cases, home textiles for a window with specified dimensions cost between

450,- Euro and 2.500,- Euro

Since this framework is too extensive and represents an almost six-fold multiplication, you can find several parameters in the table below. Each parameter influences the cost development.

The budget formats can be divided into three different types.


①─── ──②── ──③── ────④

Budget volume
or approximate
Total costs

Home textiles or
Roman blind systems incl.
   yes    yes    yes*
Mounting or
Installation on site
   yes    yes    yes
   yes    yes    yes
Curtain rods
   no    yes    yes
Blackout fabrics
i.e. blackout fabrics,
which completely block the light
and glances completely
block out

blackout fabrics 
for cold protection and
energy saving
can be incorporated
   no    yes    yes**
An accessory option:
Curtain tiebacks, tassels,
Cord or tieback
   no    yes    yes
fabric treatment with
hand-formed folds
and ribbons.
of several fabrics
   no    yes    yes
Fabric treatment
With fringes
   no    no    yes
Curtain models
front fabric layer,
molleton, lining fabric
and triple
Fabric treatment
   no    no    yes
Production of
lambrequins or
drapery elements
   no    no    yes
3D Room Planning
Design Visualization
   no    no    yes***


* - This includes the finest designer fabrics from Europe, square meter prices are usually in the triple digits.
** - This category implies the best possible functional fabrics.
In addition to the blackout function, anti-allergic, antibacterial or acoustic textile fabrics can be processed. The lesser known fabrics with acoustic properties guarantee the sound permeability with simultaneous opacity.

*** - This budget includes the creation of a three-dimensional model of the room. Then, several deisgn concepts are implemented in the created 3D model. The cost is about 50 euros per square meter of the interior.

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