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Exclusive Cleaning Service in Berlin

Professional cleaning service in Berlin,
All-round service for households and commercial objects 

- General cleaning 
- Window cleaning 
- Upholstery and carpet cleaning 
- Curtain and Drapery Cleaning

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Special materials require the use of customized cleaning concepts. 

- Industry-leading service

- Numerous satisfied customers

- For private households & commercial customers

- Flexible hours including Sundays and after 6 p.m. 

- All-round service includes: 
Taking off & Pick-up➜ Cleaning ➜Delivery ➜Hanging up

- We will personally take off and pick up your curtains and draperies.

To ensure that you also have temporary light and privacy protection during curtain cleaning, we install temporary curtains or panel curtains in your rooms. We always have these temporary home textiles at hand. While we remove or dismantle your textiles, you can decide on the spur of the moment whether you need temporary window coverings.

- We take your home textiles and check them first in our studio. 
Any defects that may occur due to time or use will be identified. Sometimes curtain tapes are replaced, linings are renewed or other "problem areas" are completely refreshed.

- Gentle yet thorough cleaning is done directly in our studio in Berlin. 
No dryers are used, so the measures can take several days.

- Afterwards we arrange an appointment with you for the application. 
Temporary textiles and net curtains will be removed and we will reattach your fresh curtains and drapes. 

Professional cleaning of designer curtains is not a task for conventional cleaning companies. It is assumed in vain that the fabrics behave similarly to ordinary clothes or textiles and that similar detergents, temperatures and equipment of textile cleaning are appropriate. 

Our service is a safeguard against discoloration, deformation and mishandling during the removal and application of curtains and drapes.

For Prestige Decor this service has a special relevance. We have been positioning ourselves as a company in the home textile industry for almost twenty years. Former customers often contact us and say that by chance our products were washed to seventy degrees. During the discussion, one of the questions they ask us is whether everything can be made good? Unfortunately, exclusive fabrics cannot overcome such challenges.

Therefore, we see luxurious cleaning as a part of the whole concept - the production of individual home textiles. No other company knows our fabrics as deeply as we do. We have developed and produced some of the materials in our range independently.

Curtains can also be washed and hung using conventional methods. You should not necessarily look for a - curtain cleaning near me on the Internet. You can get a detailed price list as well as individual statement of costs in a few minutes online or in our store. For high quality home textiles, the costly service is worth it. Because in relation to expenses of new purchase the price is less than ten percent.

Inexpensive materials such as polyamide, polyester or polyacrylic are much more robust in terms of maintenance.

Home textiles made of linen, wool, silk or wild silk, on the other hand, are much more sensitive. To get natural fabrics clean and also to be able to apply them, read the recommendations in our blog or contact our curtain cleaning service, the advice is without obligation.

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