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Designer lamps and illumination objects

According to the high demands of our customers, we have focused mainly on famous names.
The repertoire of our collection designer lighting is a wide selection of wall lamps, ceiling lamps, but also table lamps should not leave open any lighting desire, no matter how exclusive.

To complete the offer, you can also find those types of lighting that are increasingly in demand. The floor lamps, which have now rightly taken a place in the luxury sector.
Good taste, which, as is well known, cannot be argued about, finds its expression not least in the interior sector. So it may be seen as a fact that no room, which wants to come up with a certain ambience, can do without the matching lamps and lights, which correspond to the solidity of the room. Optimized functionality should go hand in hand here with just this expression of exclusivity. Should complement the respective rooms in terms of style and elegance. We have dedicated ourselves to this credo.
Not least the designers of pendant lamps were among the first to give free rein to their creativity. These pendant luminaire designers were also the ones who showed that there are practically no limits when it comes to lamps and luminaires. This includes the play with colors and shapes, even the custom manufacturing has sometimes exceeded those limits, which de facto leaves (almost) no wish unfulfilled. For this reason, we at Prestige Decor are able to offer you a veritable portfolio of lighting options to look for in Berlin and beyond.
In the course of our consultation, we pay utmost attention to the fact that the design of a lighting object completes the expressiveness of your rooms.
Taking your wishes and ideas as a starting point, we strive to find those lighting objects for them, not only to be perfectly integrated into the respective space. Rather, we are interested in achieving that symbiosis with the help of light-giving objects, which harmoniously present themselves as a whole to the viewer. Many of our designer lamp brands and manufacturers of the lights integrate unusual LED concepts. 

We carry in our house lighting objects of those designers who have made it their business to create from mere light - sources, elements that go far beyond the ordinary. They have succeeded in giving new meaning to the forms of the surrounding light and thus to the form of light itself. Or to put it in other words: simple functionality meets creative, modern design. Brands emerged from this, which emphasize the individuality of the owner, illuminate it in the truest sense of the word. Whereby the price only underlines the individuality. 
We cordially invite you to our showroom, where we will gladly take the time to advise you in detail. Of course, we are also personally available in their home with our expertise. After detailed consultation, we would then order online and deliver the elements you have selected.

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