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#2 Feasibility check and measurements

The measurement:

When you see textile curtains in a catalog or on a website, they are perfectly staged with glossy pictures. You may get tips on how to properly measure the height and curtain width yourself when you buy online or in a curtain store. After that, you pay the price and go home with your standard curtains. But then comes the disillusionment: what looks flawless in the pictures, unfortunately, may not work in your rooms. Or you may encounter significant difficulties when it comes to installing the curtains. This can lead not only to the fact that the result does not look beautiful, but that even your investment was in vain.

For an excellent and stunning result when buying curtains, there are some environmental circumstances, which must be taken into account. For made to measure curtains and drapes, it is not enough to just measure the height and curtain width correctly. In order to be able to set your Textile de luxe ideally in scene, we will include some different factors in the planning with you on site.

So, unfortunately, it is often overlooked in the room design that in some properties the floors or ceilings are not straight. Partly, the room heights can also differ by up to ten centimeters. Especially in old buildings, the windows and doors are often not the same size or not straight. Likewise, the opening direction of the window openings and balcony doors must be taken into account to guarantee easy opening.

We will therefore individually measure the curtains exactly in each room and for each window and take into account the conditions, so that the design can be ideally adapted to the environment. It is not only important to determine the exact curtain width and length. We will take the time needed to do this in order to get accurate information. Doing it quickly will only result in you not being happy with the end result. 

One point that is just as often underestimated is the wall condition. This can be porous, especially in old buildings, which makes it difficult to hang. In new buildings, it can also be difficult to install curtain rods due to steel beams or depending on the type of cement. We take up these challenges when taking measurements and will find a compensation solution for them accordingly. 

To balance differences and construction-related disadvantages, we use special curtain rods, brackets, curtain tapes or curtain hooks. The curtains we make are then adjusted according to the (construction-related) faulty geometry to compensate for these weaknesses. Thus, you will no longer be able to see with the naked eye that, for example, the ceiling in your living room is crooked.

The consideration and solution of all possible problems are included in our service. The consultation, inventory of conditions and taking measurements are free of charge for you.

Our luxury quality curtains, after taking into account all relevant factors, not only blend flawlessly into your interiors, but we also use them to create a unified, perfect design that charms. By installing customized interior elements, all visual and functional imperfections are resolved.

We will take measurements and give you free advice.*

In our showroom we offer a pre-selection of fine curtain fabrics, designer lamps, curtain rods, floor coverings, wallpapers and various accessories. Interior design by Prestige Decor - combines unique choice of fabrics, exclusive designs and functionality - such as opaque materials and B1 - curtain fabrics. Consultation, or in other words design conception or drafts are free of charge with us. We suggest you to make a pre-selection from many fabrics, it can be for example 15 different fabrics for each room or a certain interior area. After that, and it often happens on the same day, we measure on site your windows, ceiling height and note down all the technical nuances that will be important later during the installation and especially during the entire service life. We prepare an estimate, discuss it with you, and the in-house atelier will take care of making of your curtains, drapes and other home accessories. In short, our service can be described in three words: Consultation, making and fitting. After the production, our team will come to you, and the interior designer, as your consultant, will accompany you from the beginning to the installation. Customization, noble fabrics and unique solutions for your well-being is our true passion, come and see us, you will be able to feel it! Your Prestige Decor team.