/// Assembly and installation ///

#4 The installation process

Your satisfaction is already the focus for us when they feel like new curtains to equip their home even more cozy, comfortable and stylistically high-quality. Gladly we stand to them with this, their undertaking personally and helpfully to the side. In addition to selected textiles, for which we are known far beyond the borders of Berlin - among them are exclusive fabrics of the best designers - there is also the opportunity to talk about the topic of "installation of curtains", that is, to fix the curtains. Depending on which style, which gathering, which drapery they choose, there are different options to choose from.

After they have decided on those textiles, which were prepared by us to measure and according to their wishes, it is a matter of attaching them. Of course, we are also here with our expert service regarding delivery, assembly and hanging available to them. Also here, as in all previous steps, we use tools that are suitable for attaching the textiles selected by them, but also the materials to which we attach the curtains. This applies in particular to the curtains ceiling mounting or wall mounting. Because of the particularly high quality fabrics that we carry in our house, they often have a higher weight, we are already at the step of "making curtains", that is, making them, with the thought of how to attach their curtains. The proposed method of attachment corresponds to the cut of the fabric, as well as the design of the textile in question. We also pay attention to the materials to which we attach your curtains, always choosing the most gentle and effective method to make everything not only safe, but also beautiful. Here, too, you can rely on the know-how of our skilled and experienced staff. As you can see, we attach great importance not only to a made-to-measure approach, but also to the fact that you will be more than satisfied with your textiles long after they have been hung up. Of course, we proceed as gently as possible. We use tools that have been designed according to the materials, such as concrete, brick, but also wooden structures, in order to work on them "as much as necessary, as little as possible". Of course, we ensure that after installation, no traces are visible, and they can thus, fully enjoy the material enrichment, which they have given their home.

In addition, we carry a rich assortment of decorative elements and accessories, such as tassels, tiebacks and the like, in the selection of which we are also happy to help.

At this point, we can assure them that we are aware that the implementation of craft work, represents an intervention in their daily lives. In this awareness, we guarantee them that we will keep the stay in their home, as short and quiet as possible. Of course, we also take care that we leave their premises, after we have installed their newly acquired treasures in the form of curtains, again in perfect, that is, clean condition.


The very first in sewing studio are materials and accessories. Designer fabrics form the base, and the base needs several additions.
These additions are innovative curtain tapes, eyelets and cords.
The incorporation of curtain accessories helps us create exquisite home textiles.

The second is our sewing machines. Magnificent and robust home textiles are created by the synergy of already mentioned accessories components, fabrics and machines. Sewing machines, which work with the lowest thread tension values and perform excellent stitch length continuity. Commercial as well as some private clients want particularly durable designer textiles. We can meet this expectation through our technology and process and offer a five or seven year warranty.

Third and most important are the employees:inside
We like the design industry. Completing a job means to us that we have done our part to make it comfortable and livable. Industry experience of at least five years is required. Some team members come from Israel, Ukraine and the UK. We remain intercultural, interdisciplinary and accommodating.