The sewing studio in our house, located in the middle of Berlin, knows about the exquisite taste and quality consciousness of its clientele. To meet these demands, we offer our customers, in addition to the possibility of contacting us online, a visit to us directly on site, where we can advise on their wishes, they discover fabrics and order.

In our house, they will find, among other things, those fabrics to choose from, which read like the "WHO-IS-WHO" of the fabric world.

Whether you are looking for a new textile (or new textiles) of exceptional quality for the children's room in your home, to get an overview of our wide range of curtain fabrics, or to find a fabric that matches the style and interior of one of your other rooms.

Of course for us is to advise you in all areas - starting with the, if it is desired by you, inspection and advice in terms of style, material properties, the respective localities, ie the respective rooms. With which our service only begins. After you have chosen one or, depending on your needs, several fabrics, we offer you a simple and plastic solution of viewing the finished fabrics in 3D. This offers the possibility of virtual viewing of the fabrics to be used already made to measure the appropriate premises. If you like the selection and processing of materials at this point, we move on to the next step. The actual processing.

To meet the high quality standards of our customers, we not only work with materials that are of the best quality, which applies in particular to designer fabrics, we also process them with that craftsmanship and technical expertise, for which our house Prestige Decor Berlin, is known.
Curtains we sew with a special passion for subtleties such as Flemish folds, cords, etc.... To sew a pleated blind or pane curtain, we create visualizations, because even smaller textile elements need a lot of attention. Our long-term and highly trained employee(s) bring to this step their experience and craftsmanship to provide them with that final product that complements their home with newfound, perfectly complementing quality, coziness and exclusivity.

When processing the individual fabrics, we use techniques and sewing machines that meet the latest technical standards, because only in this way a harmonious "with-the-fabric" and "for-the-fabric" results, which will preserve the characteristics of the same, emphasize and complement the space intended to their environment. Simple tasks such as cutting curtains does not know our studio.

In terms of price, the materials are based on a "per meter measure", which is due to the excellent fabric quality, the origin of some designer fabrics and the way they are processed.

We gladly invite you to visit our showroom in Berlin to get an idea of the exclusive fabrics, the possibilities, the processing and the various designs. Your wishes regarding materials processing and installation we consider anew as an opportunity to present you the craft of tailoring at the highest level.

The first thing in the sewing studio is materials and accessories. Designer fabrics form the base, and the base needs several additions.
These additions are innovative curtain tapes, eyelets and cords.
The incorporation of curtain accessories helps us create exquisite home textiles.

The second is our sewing machines. Magnificent and robust home textiles are created by the synergy of already mentioned accessories components, fabrics and machines. Sewing machines, which work with the lowest thread tension values and perform excellent stitch length continuity. Commercial as well as some private clients want particularly durable designer textiles. We can meet this expectation through our technology and process and offer a five or seven year warranty.

Third and most important are the employees:inside
We like the design industry. Completing a job means to us that we have done our part to make it comfortable and livable. Industry experience of at least five years is required. Some team members come from Israel, Ukraine and the UK. We remain intercultural, interdisciplinary and accommodating.