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Exclusive custom made decorative moldings

A method that was used among the most attractive until the age of Charlemagne. At that time, it was a certain Hrabanus Maurus who knew how to give additional accents to the opulent-characteristic aesthetics of the imperial premises. The period of the Rococo, which set standards in its stylish opulence, may still be regarded as the high point.

In the meantime - moving away from stately opulence to more modern applications - the processing and application was somewhat forgotten. It was not until modern times that these decorative possibilities were remembered again. Quite rightly and to an extent that amounts to a renaissance. Starting with the regained fashionable favor of stucco by means of mounting ceiling moldings, wall moldings and profile moldings to curtain molding. Using modern techniques - styrofoam and polyurethane are available here as well as the classic use of plaster - there are almost endless perspectives. Which can be implemented creatively, stylishly and modernly with regard to their design wishes, whether these are of a classical or modern nature.
Do you prefer flat structures that present themselves in a more restrained manner to those that are used at transitions, for example? For example, to cover cable ducts, heating and tile transitions, in order to take away the visual disturbance factor from these rather less decorative components?

We will be happy to help you find a suitable, but not least attractive solution. Starting with decorative trims up to angles and corner trims. Or their desire for decor, which is adapted to the style of their home. Starting with the facade design to decorative moldings of the wall, which, for example, give their living room special flair. If you need to buy styrofoam stucco moldings to get flexibility on asymmetrical surfaces, we will present you several solutions. We offer a wide range of designs and complementary elements. Whereas our service is also to meet your individual needs. In fact, we are able to design new stucco profiles for them. Which would be the case already from a unit of 100 meters in length. Whether it be a modern stucco ceiling, designed according to their own ideas, which can be quickly and easily glued to the substrate, or a classic variant. As you can see, if you feel the need to buy a ceiling moulding or if you decide to buy a stucco moulding made of styrofoam, we are your competent partner. We of Prestige Decor are available to them in the middle of Berlin gladly and at any time advisory and accompanying.

We are especially interested in making you happy with our professional knowledge and skills. From the consultation, which we consider as a personal concern, to the made-to-measure acceptance, the ordering of the respective elements and the installation. You may take it for granted that we will install the elements exactly according to your wishes. Which of course also applies to the individual design wishes.

In addition, we pay great attention to the installations so that their domestic environment is not affected by our activities. This also means that we strive to leave your home in immaculate condition.

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