Wall moldings, skirting boards as well as ceiling moldings and rosettes.

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Since our establishment in 1991, we have been implementing molding elements into the design of living spaces.
Regarding the aesthetics of surfaces, our team has formulated the following guiding principle:
The perception of elegant spaces is based on 
relief patterns.

We would like to offer you design models and high quality materials from all over the world. As expected, producers of stucco moldings used various raw materials and manufacturing technologies. The variety of assortment is enormous. Therefore, it is justified to make a scrupulous selection among suppliers and individual products. Extensive research in this industry led us to desired results. Only products that convince by aesthetics and quality are presented in our showroom.
In order to achieve flawless relief representations and functionality, the stucco elements have the following characteristics: 


● Profiles and other panels are resistant to moisture and water damage (contrary to MDF and wood profiles).
● Stucco elements create a beautiful effect of shape, light and shadow.
● Majority of our wall, base, as well as ceiling moldings are available in bendable (flexible) designs.
● Stucco elements are 100% recyclable and free of environmental toxins, CFCs, asbestos, heavy metals and other undesirable materials.

Accomplished projects and our selection of moldings:

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We will assist you in finding the right solution and then take care of the installation.

Before you decide on a particular model and configuration, we recommend that you contact us by phone or visit our showroom in person. 

Some stylistic elements are allowed to outlast time. With regard to decorative moldings or stucco, it is fair to say that they have survived the test of time. And for good reason. As is well known, it was already used in ancient times to decorate stately palaces and similar buildings, and has thus survived all decorative trends and flows. Even today, in an era that strives to constantly reinvent the characteristics of modernity, it enjoys increasing popularity. At the same time, it would be a simple stucco as a mere complementary element of a tasteful, dignified home or office.

Rather, it turns out to be an expression of elegance and aesthetics, which can be perfectly integrated into both modern and classical premises. A particularly outstanding example of this is modern technology with the help of LED lighting installations. Modernity is combined with classicism in a particularly impressive way. Stucco elements, which serve as decorative ceiling or floor elements, for example, enter into a symbiosis that could not be more perfect thanks to modern lighting technology. The entire range of these furnishing elements is particularly impressive. Starting with ceiling moldings, which are used as a conclusion or transition to the next room section. Corner moldings, which present themselves in just as much variety as curtain moldings. Profile moldings or wall moldings, which give a previously simple wall the tasteful character it deserves. The selection of stucco elements and moldings should leave no decorative wish unfulfilled. The repertoire ranges from flat to wide, tastefully elegant to individual style. Whether they are looking to add accent to the corners of their rooms or want to give them that expression that is close to their hearts. Prestige Decor in Berlin is committed to this desire for aesthetics. In addition to these selection criteria, the method of installation is also open to them. Elements made of styrofoam, which can be glued to the substrate or stucco moldings made of the classic material plaster. Both designed and manufacturable according to their wishes and ideas.

If you are thinking about buying stucco moldings, we can recommend you our service as well as in many other interior areas. Whereby it is already possible for them to get a small overview via the medium Internet online. We ask for your understanding that we do not run a typical store. Personal service is the main focus for us at Prestige Decor. In order to get a broader idea of what else is possible in terms of stucco and moldings, we cordially invite you to our showroom. On this occasion we can convince you of the whole variety with the help of the catalog that we have ready for you. We would like to point out that the price of stucco is always per square meter.

We would be happy if you would visit us for a detailed consultation. Afterwards we would make suggestions, calculate the required materials at your home or office according to your measurements, in order to order them afterwards. We will then carry out the installation according to your wishes, following the quality criteria for which our company is known.


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