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Already at the moment of entering a room, the eye of the observer falls on those parts of the interior, which can be considered among the most important witnesses of good taste. That of the curtains and drapes. It does not matter which room we are talking about. Whether it is the living room or the salon, the kitchen, the children's room or the simple skylight, which has been granted to give it the attention it deserves. Far from being considered as mere light and privacy screens, curtains and drapes are a way to emphasize the personality of the people living in them.
The style environment of a room is the first indication of which colors, shapes and styles can be used to further emphasize the individuality of a room. Exclusive instead of merely functional - which is the credo of our customers and our studio, is the one we are committed to. High quality curtains made of noble fabrics of famous designers of the most renowned workshops are waiting to be perfectly integrated into given style environment. Of course, we are also happy to meet your possible desire to find a suitable curtain-store, that is, a light fabric for you - which allows the view outside, but does not allow it from the outside. To find the most suitable materials for them, we cordially invite them to visit our showroom, where it will be a pleasure for us to advise them in detail. Of course, there is also the possibility for them to get a first impression online. However, experience has shown that optimal results are only achieved when we gather first impressions directly on site. Exhibitions and publication in the interior design industry prove that high-quality curtains online store can be seen at best as a controversial word sequence. We follow the state of the art and see that the latest and extremely advanced technological approaches can not replace a designer or an architect on site. Without professional measurements, fabric samples and on-site consultation, wrong conclusions are almost inevitable. We receive many inquiries in this context and still do not want to do without the work on the object. After all, every room requires the attention it deserves in order to give it the flair it deserves. Here we already have the possibility to respond to your wishes and ideas and, if necessary, to take measurements. The focus is on time instead of haste. Of course, we leave it up to your needs what time frame you need to decide on materials, designs and cuts. 
We are of the opinion that buying curtains in Berlin should not be a tiring, but one of the activities that can give pleasure. At this point we may allow ourselves to point out that the price of our products results from certain criteria such as the high quality and made to measure. As our customers may expect from a company like ours, our activity does not end with manufacturing. After we have ordered the material for them, made it to measure for them, our service continues. As well as the production, we take care of the transport and installation, as well as the eventual fitting with accessories. In the unlikely event that you do not find the fabric you need in our showroom, we will of course try to find it for you. At Prestige Decor, we are committed to satisfying you in every aspect, from sourcing materials to installation. We pay the utmost attention to fine materials, individual concept design and execution. As Oscar Wilde said,
" The best is just good enough!"

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