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Custom made designer curtains and blinds in Berlin

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Our curtains are professionally and locally made by hand in Berlin and tailored to ensure a perfect fit and unique design. Each piece is unique and made by a qualified and experienced team with your requirements in mind. Thus, we guarantee a beautiful finish that perfectly complements your home. Entirely in line with our belief: exclusive rather than mass-produced. 

The basics of luxurious curtains and drapes are the materials and accessories. However, what would be the most noble curtain fabric if it is not professionally and custom-made into an individual end product? Therefore, with the fabric alone it is not done, but it needs several additions when tailoring. 

These consist of innovative curtain tapes, different eyelets and a wide range of cords. Such attributes emphasize the curtain design and allow us to create exquisite home textiles. 

However, before we start sewing curtains, it is necessary to prepare the fabrics. An important work process here is curtain cutting. To ensure the highest quality in the production of your curtains, we have equipped our on-site sewing studio in our Berlin premises with the most modern technology. There, the most professional procedures are used by qualified tailors to make all your wishes come true. 

Our sewing machines work with the lowest thread tension values and feature excellent stitch length continuity. Every detail of your individual living room curtains, kitchen curtains, restaurant curtains or even textiles in the children's room is a product of the synergy of noble fabrics, the above-mentioned accessories components and high-quality machines. 

The best technology and most experienced employees also guarantee you an excellent result when sewing pane curtains. Precision is required here to be able to achieve a coherent and appealing overall result. 

Not only in the commercial sector, but also in your own home, you should attach importance to high quality and durability of the designer textiles. Our many years of experience have shown us that we can more than meet this expectation by using high quality materials, the best machines and professional staff. That is why we offer a five or seven year warranty on our products. 

We cannot offer a general price list for sewing curtains and drapes, as individual requirements must be taken into account. However, this much can be said: The price of the fabric and sewing is calculated per meter. How the total cost is made up, of course, depends on your wishes and the materials used. If you want to get an idea of the pricing in advance, we have created an overview here for you to use as a guide. You will not find a general online store for standard curtains with us. 

Last but not least, when making your textiles, we should not forget our employees:inside, who ultimately make the final product possible. Starting with the consulting and design team, through the tailors, to the colleagues who will hang the made-to-measure curtains in your rooms.

Each of our highly valued colleagues has a passion for the design industry. And this affects our service and design. When hiring new employee:s, we require a proven experience of at least five years. We are a multinational team, which only adds to our designs. For example, some of our team members come from Israel, Ukraine and the UK. We are intercultural, interdisciplinary and accommodating.

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