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Buying luxury designer lamps was a real challenge until a few years ago. Sometimes you had to travel long distances to get to one of the pieces, which combined the attributes of luxury and design coherently. Meanwhile, this is no longer a problem in Germany, especially in the middle of Berlin. At Prestige Decor, we have dedicated ourselves wholeheartedly to lighting, if nothing else. Now it is a fact that lighting fixtures should not only be functional, but also meet the extraordinary taste of the owner. In the foreground of our products are mainly high quality as well as modern creations from the most famous workshops. But what makes our lamps so special? What makes them stand out? On the one hand, it is the selected materials from which they are made. On the other hand, it is the first-class workmanship of the same. Together they form a harmonious and sophisticated whole, and the artistic skills of the designers have an impact on the respective element. Lamps and lamps are just as much a part of dignified, tasteful furnishings as the handmade leather couch, the cabinet made of fine wood or the chaise longue, whose renaissance cannot be denied by anyone. This creativity and the demand for upscale quality in terms of our selection of ceiling lamps or pendant lamps is in no way inferior to them. If in the past these were at best objects that served solely to illuminate a hallway or to eke out a sad existence in the corner of a waiting room, nowadays it is completely the opposite. Innovative concepts, aesthetics, style and functionality set the tone today, leaving nothing to be desired even in terms of prestigious appearance. Like, for example, those hanging light dispensers that make the environment shine. From the classic chandelier to those made of glass, stainless steel or chrome. According to modern times, many equipped with LED. When choosing lighting should always be taken into account, in what way the light should act. Should a relatively small area be illuminated with it, as it may be the case, for example, at the desk or a sideboard? Do you want the illuminated area to correspond to the size of the area, i.e. to be adjusted selectively? Or do you want to use it to illuminate a certain area of the room? As you can see, the possibilities seem almost endless. However, we will be happy to advise you in detail in this area as well.

In advance, we invite you to browse through our designer lamp store. Discover more than 700 exclusive lamps online. Already there you will experience the whole wealth of possibilities to possibly find those pieces that are just made for your premises and needs. Of course, we are also available to advise you personally in our studio and showroom. We will gladly pass on orders for custom-made pieces, which are possible with some designer pieces, to the respective manufacturer. We would also like to point out that the price is individual. As soon as you have found the right objects for you, we will order them and take care of the transport to your home as well as the installation.


The production of the luminaire depends on your wishes and on your interior. The dimensions, as well as the number of lighting elements and the design of the designer luminaires can be customized in this model series.
To find out exact prices, contact us 
in WhatsApp, call us, or drop by our office.

A recommendation - with only a few photographs of your rooms, we can advise you much more efficiently.

Impressive lighting elements can be perceived as individual, completely independent actors of interior design.

Due to the functionality one places 
few or no components of the interior next to the lighting elements.
This free space creates a frame in the perception of the viewer, a kind of empty perimeter of the luminaire.
The relationship of a designer luminaire to the space can be compared to the interdependence of a work of art and the gallery.
Thus, the expressive power of light sources is indisputable. To occupy this important role in the room design, we support you in the selection and functional integration of designer luminaires.
In our showroom you have the opportunity to see selected examples in close proximity.
Before you decide on a particular model and configuration, contact us in WhatsApp or stop by for a quick visit.

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