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The time when the illumination of a room served only to enlighten the space, has long become a thing of the past. Also gone is the time when lighting was placed in a place where it was least disruptive, merely for the sake of utility. It should and may be modern. It should serve much more than just being functional. With this background came the desire for the designer lamp, which today and for good reason is counted as much to the dignified interior area, as many other exclusive pieces.

Thus, exclusive lamps designers have set out to give free rein to their creativity. The result is light-giving objects that deserve the label luxury as well as parts of the furniture that deserve the same. The "where and how", the question of form, color, design and material knows no limits. Thus, in addition to the classic floor lamp, today's repertoire includes a rich selection of pendant lamps, which can be purchased in just as rich a selection as the well-known wall lamp, the hanging lamp or the chandelier, in which even the poets Honore de Balzac or Emile Zola had their pleasure. Not to mention the equally classic ceiling lamp or wall lamp, which have regained popularity in recent years. All these lights and lamps of the current generation, unlike their ancestors, have one thing in common. They reflect, in addition to the creativity of those who designed and created them, that expressiveness that witnesses good taste. In fact, designer lamps, regardless of size, shape and method of attachment in the room where they are installed, can contribute to the ambience in a pleasing way. To locate one for your home as well, you do not need to travel far. Designer lamps in Berlin can be found in rich selection in the middle of Berlin with us, at Prestige Decor. Of course, also those that are equipped with modern LED.

Also in this segment we offer you a considerable selection. Be it in the category of pendant designer lamps, or if they are in the mood for a new chandelier or a floor lamp.

Of course, the service is for us also in this area in the first place. We are happy to advise you on the subject of illumination, that is, which area of your home you want to have to what extent they are covered with lighting. Likewise, when it comes to the ambience, the flair of a room with a suitable lamp or luminaire to further support or accentuate. At this point we may also note that it is possible to have some of the lighting objects made to measure. Depending on the particular models, there are more options for them to choose from. Of course you have the possibility to get a first impression online. We are also available to you personally. Be it that you would like to visit us in our showroom in the middle of Berlin or that we come to your home. Whereby, the experience has shown it, the consultation on the basis of the local conditions, their ideas is quite useful.
So that the premises can be optimally put into the light in their characteristics, which they have.

The production of the luminaire depends on your wishes and on your interior. The dimensions, as well as the number of lighting elements and the design of the designer luminaires can be customized in this model series.
To find out exact prices, contact us 
in WhatsApp, call us, or drop by our office.

A recommendation - with only a few photographs of your rooms, we can advise you much more efficiently.

Impressive lighting elements can be perceived as individual, completely independent actors of interior design.

Due to the functionality one places 
few or no components of the interior next to the lighting elements.
This free space creates a frame in the perception of the viewer, a kind of empty perimeter of the luminaire.
The relationship of a designer luminaire to the space can be compared to the interdependence of a work of art and the gallery.
Thus, the expressive power of light sources is indisputable. To occupy this important role in the room design, we support you in the selection and functional integration of designer luminaires.
In our showroom you have the opportunity to see selected examples in close proximity.
Before you decide on a particular model and configuration, contact us in WhatsApp or stop by for a quick visit.

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