/// our approach ///

All inclusive service

We advise you
and find together
design concepts and
fitting materials.

In this way,
exclusive curtains and drapes,
wallpaper designs and
individual design concepts
for your lighting and stucco elements are created.

Followed by our
studio takes over the fabrication and
application of all components
of your interior.

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/// Curtains and draperies ///

#1 Design and draft phase

You will discuss both your functional and design goals individually with our designer during the design phase. Do you want to achieve more light and privacy?
What shapes, colors and styles best fit your existing interior?
How can you develop their personality even more through individual luxury curtains made to measure? We are always available in a personal meeting on site or in our showroom. 

When it comes then to the selection of curtain fabrics, we have perhaps the most extensive
assortment of designer fabrics in Berlin - if not in Germany.
Choose from high-quality luxury fabrics by HOULÈS, Dedar, JAB, Chivasso, Villa Nova Fabrics, Castello Del Barro, Zinc, Romo Fabrics & Wallcoverings, Antonio Ferre, ZOFFANY, Mark Alexander and many others to integrate high-quality and noble designer curtains in your interior. If we do not have a desired curtain fabric in stock, we will of course be happy to order it for you.

We place the utmost importance on providing you with the curtains and designer drapes that not only offer comfort and a luxurious feel, but also integrate perfectly into your style environment and express the personality of your business or home. True to our conviction: individual instead of mass production.

If you would like to get an impression of us in advance, do not have much time or are not on site, we will also be happy to advise you online. Send us meaningful pictures of, for example, your living room or restaurant, tell us your wishes and preferences. Our designer will then create a true to original 3-D model for you. This will already give you an excellent impression of how our luxury custom curtains will look in your rooms.

We will take as much time as you need during the consultation. We want to avoid doing it quickly, so you have plenty of opportunity to make change requests and ensure you get the highest quality possible. Both our in-person consultation and consultation online are done carefully, without pressure and with attention to detail. Designing exclusive spaces doesn't happen overnight - intricate rather than simple. 

By the way, neither our designers nor our sales consultants are compensated based on sales. This will guarantee that you will always receive the attention you deserve - without limitations. Our central goal at Prestige Decor is customer satisfaction.

After the design phase, we will provide you with a custom estimate. We can not give you a price in advance, because the cost must be calculated according to the requirements and scope. 

In addition to home textiles, you will find an excellent range of designer lighting, exclusive wallpapers and stucco elements. In all product categories and design approaches, we follow the principle - luxury as singularity.

/// Details of the manufacturing process ///

The first thing in the sewing studio is materials and accessories. Designer fabrics form the base, and the base needs several additions.
These additions are innovative curtain tapes, eyelets and cords.
The incorporation of curtain accessories helps us create exquisite home textiles.

The second is our sewing machines. Magnificent and robust home textiles are created by the synergy of already mentioned accessories components, fabrics and machines. Sewing machines, which work with the lowest thread tension values and perform excellent stitch length continuity. Commercial as well as some private clients want particularly durable designer textiles. We can meet this expectation through our technology and process and offer a five or seven year warranty.

Third and most important are the employees:inside
We like the design industry. Completing a job means to us that we have done our part to make it comfortable and livable. Industry experience of at least five years is required. Some team members come from Israel, Ukraine and the UK. We remain intercultural, interdisciplinary and accommodating.